An Overview Of 2020

05 Jan 2021

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that anything is possible.If I had proclaimed in January 2020 that every Mandurah restaurant, pub and public bar would be locked up and drinkers would be locked out they’d have carted me off to a padded cell, yet that’s what happened to all our local watering holes.Australian Federal Politics for 10 years had been based on who could be trusted to deliver a surplus for the Taxpayer, who was best qualified to run the Country at a profit again.Just over 12 months to the day after Scott Morrison won the unwinnable election on such a platform and he was announcing he was sending Australia into unprecedented levels of debt due to COVID-19 Pandemic.Suddenly debt was good.The State and Federal Government’s response to COVID-19 was swift with one aim in mind, to get cash injected back into the economy as quickly as possible.The building stimulus packages announced early in June, just as Western Australians emerged from lock down led...

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